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  • Cabbages & Kings

    Hand Embroidered Tank Dress - Green

    Dhs. 117.00 Dhs. 234.00

    Cabbages & Kings hand embroidered tank dress with tie back waist.  

    As the dresses are handmade, patterns may vary.

    Color: Green embroidery

    Material: 100% cotton, all natural unbleached including the thread. Hand woven, hand embroidered, hand stitched.

    Care: Extra care and attention is needed to ensure the longest life and best appearance. Gently hand wash cold, being careful to not wet the embroidery as it can easily bleed due to the natural dyes used. Pat dry, do not wring, and lay flat to dry with a towel in between the layers to prevent transfer of pattern from the embroidery.

    Why choose Cabbages & Kings?

    • Each dress is one of a kind.
    • This brand supports Fairtrade and indigenous communities.

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