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  • Natti Natti

    Natti Natti

    NATTI NATTI is family-owned and based out of Brooklyn, New York. The brand was founded out of a strong desire to create something special for the designers' own children, something soft, fun, and inspiring to snuggle up with at bedtime and dream up adventures big and small.

    Everything Natti Natti creates is thoughtfully designed and printed with eco-friendly, water-based inks in Brooklyn. After owning and running an art gallery for 5 years, the husband and wife team's love of art is stronger than ever. It’s through this love that they strive to create organic, unique, and modern pieces that not only help their little ones sleep but also make a positive impact in our home and our lives.

    Natti Natti means "nighty nighty" in Swedish. The designers are inspired by their children, Sweden, New York City, Scandinavian design, Japanese toys, art and nature.