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  • Lali Kids

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    Lali (meaning “little darling” in Hindi) embodies the magic of girlhood – from receiving your very first doll to learning how to ride a bike to laughing and playing with friends. Lali represents the universal happy moments experienced by generations of little girls.

    The goal of Lali is to intentionally slow down the process of making and wearing clothing. Moving away from mass production, Kinnari draws each print herself and employs small-scale printers and weavers. The result is highly wearable fashion that is both creatively conceived and exceptionally well made.

    Lali hopes to create every little darling’s favorite dress – the one she wants to wear over and over again, the one that makes her feel most herself, the one that allows her freedom to express herself, the one that will help her create memories that last a lifetime– playfully inspired clothing for little darlings.